6 Ways to Secure your Storage Containers

By January 26, 2015 September 24th, 2020 Safety, Guest Article

A Shipping Container is a container having the capability to withstand shipment, storage, and handling. Shipping containers range from huge reusable steel boxes used for intermodal consignments to the universal crimped boxes. It is important to secure the shipping containers from various threats such as vandalism and theft. Here are 6 simple ways by which you can ensure security for your shipping containers and the belongings they carry.

1. Shipping Container Lock Boxes

Unlike padlocks, lock boxes are steel boxes that cannot be tampered with. It is almost impossible to break through these locks. These locks are big enough and cannot be fit into padlock and key. The design of the lock boxes keeps your padlocks out of view and inaccessible to lock cutters. These are an inexpensive, easy-to-install way to secure your storage containers.

2. Heavy Duty Padlocks

It is the simplest way of securing storage containers for your things being stored. Different styles of padlocks are available in the market. The most suitable style can be said as the “shutter” type padlocks. These provide security at a basic level and can be tampered easily.

3. Inner Bolts

These are somewhat similar to the dead bolts that are used in the door of houses. They are made of very hard steel that enables them to provide extra security for all types of containers. They are used to lock the container doors from inside and it is almost impossible to remove them from their position unless you can access them through another door.

4. Crossbar Locks

These are portable and are easily installable within seconds without welding. The crossbar locks prevent the primary doors’ handle from turning. They are designed so smartly that even if someone succeeds in cutting the padlock, they cannot get access to the container.

5. Alarm System

This type of security has always proved as the best. Traditional alarm systems could be used if your container lies near a building or a phone line because they need an electrical connection or on-site landline. Another option can be the GSM container alarm that offers you 24-hour remote monitoring and wireless installation capabilities through the mobile phone network.

6. Perimeter Fencing

Perimeter fencing is made up of metal mesh and bars in a row of razor at the top, which makes it difficult to climb. This would definitely not stop intruders but would slow them down and prevent their breaks-ins.

Installing such devices is voluntary for shippers obviously, but we recommend you to take these security measures as to prevent losing your belongings.

Author Biography – Jason Markin is the owner of RTC Container Sales, a company that deals with shipping containers of every type, including new containers, used containers, etc. He is also a passionate blogger, who keeps updating his readers timely regarding the leaps and bounds in the shipping industry.


  • Avatar John Smith says:

    Hi Jason, Very informative tips. Security is the big issue in case of storage containers. From you i come to know the best i can do with my storage containers. I am located in Canada and running a warehouse.So, it is great for me . Thanks man.

  • Avatar jayshree chauhan says:

    All the above ways can be manipulated at some point or the other. But the best way, which I find to secure your shipping container is to start using Cargo Security Monitoring System to keep track of your each and every container.