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ChemplianceWeb - SDS Hosting and Distribution

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ChemplianceWeb is an innovative approach to managing and distributing SDSs. SDSs are either developed by our talented team of regulatory specialists, chemists and software developers or provided by you and indexed by us. Our goal is to help you create a safe workplace for you and your customers.

Let us provide you with regulatory and hazard communication services that save your organization time, money and resources, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Advanced search by product, location, ingredient, and supplier.
Advanced Searches (Click to enlarge)

Main Features:

*The Product Safety Summary contains essential information extracted from a supplier SDS. This information is presented in a consistent format, which is then used for employee training on the safe handling of chemicals. The SDS summary sheet can be automatically generated in English and other languages based on account subscription. Also, it can supplement the original supplier SDS and act as the primary H&S communication tool to keep workers safe. Individual Product Safety Summaries can be viewed and printed from the Search window. A complete report of multiple Product Safety Summaries can be printed from the report section of the application. This may be useful when printing a "binder" of Product Safety Summaries for products found in a specific department or location.

Highly intuitive and informative searches

An image examining the search features.
View all documents icon View all documents and Product Safety Summary sheets associated with the product. Our advanced document security can restrict access to specified user groups or even specific individuals to sensitive information. This may include formulations, product labels, product specification sheets, certificates of analysis or customer-specific information.
  1. The number and type of search keys are customizable based on the user profile.
  2. Product type filters are determined by the product use and/or application. This filter can be enforced by the Administrator based on the user profile.
  3. Product Statuses include Active, Pending, Not Approved or Archived.
  4. Fields that appear in the search grid can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet for bulk updating or other purposes. Once the updating is complete the spreadsheet can then be re-imported to apply the changes.
  5. Filters can be created from the results of any search and applied based to a user profile group. These custom filters can be enforced by the Administrator.
  6. We offer column filters similar to an Excel spreadsheet. Using a combination of filters will allow the user to narrow down your search by using multiple overlapping filters.
  7. Clicking on the Supplier field links directly to the supplier record that contains company and contact information along with a history of attempts to secure updated SDSs.
Document association link icon Users can also associate online documents associated to the product. This facilitates the centralization of all information to the product making it a onestop- shop.
Duplicate record This feature will create a duplicate record for products containing similar indexing or label information. The user will have the choice of what fields should be copied over to the new record.
View all chemical locations Clicking of this icon will show and intuitive tree structure of where chemicals are stored within your organization. If you subscribed to Weblabeling it will also show the print locations.
Eamil and distribute your SDS with ease This easy-to-use e-mail feature promotes customer satisfaction by facilitating quick fulfillment of SDS requests. Quickly find the product with efficient searches, enter customer e-mail and information in body of the e-mail and click send.
Edit your documents This icon accesses the product editing screen for users with appropriate privileges to upload documents and edit indexing and product label information.
Print your SDS and associated documents Clicking the printer icon will provide direct access to print secondary workplace, product or customer specific labels.

Take ChemplianceWeb further!

Choose the amount of service that's right for you. Don't know what you may need? Give us a call and we'll help you through the whole process. Step-by-step.

Select an add-on to view more information

Users can easily search and filter by product name, product type, location and format.

All the Benefits From ChemplianceWeb and Much More.

This is a totally web-based labeling solution for companies needing to create and print standardized compliant GHS, WHMIS, OSHA and EU labels. Label content can originate from an ICC authored SDS or entered directly into ChemplianceWeb by selecting preloaded GHS, WHMIS, OSHA, and EU phrases and symbols. It is pre-loaded with system formats that can be laser printed on legal and letter sized labels. These formats can be personalized with company name and logo. Additional customization can be made for a fee. Customers requiring more complex labels and design capabilities will need to upgrade to ChemplianceWeb LabelSync.

Allows user to print labels for products. The user can choose the product, the format and the customer (if necessary) that they want to print the label for.
Print Utilities (Click to enlarge)

Main Features:

  • GHS Labeling
  • WHMIS Labeling
  • EU Labeling
  • Custom Label fields
  • Phrase Library
  • Associating format to print locations

Centralized Control and Security in a Decentralized Environment.

This web application uses the latest ".net" technology to provide real-time, updated label printing capabilities. Label content is managed in a central database server with users able to print from their browser to laser or thermal transfer printers. Customer specific formats can be designed for a fee. ChemplianceWeb Labeling ensures that current label content and formats are available to all print locations.

To view more information about BarTender 9.4 - Click here | For Bartender brochure - Click here

An optional upgrade for WebLabeling customers that need to design and print complex labels. LabelSync is a PC based program that is downloaded from ChemplianceWeb to the sync user's computer. Label content is managed centrally on the ChemplianceWeb, while design and printing of labels is performed locally using Bartender™ label information.

Allows user to assign products to specific user defined locations. Locations can be anything from a warehouse, to a room within an office.
Unlimited Print Locations (Click to enlarge)

Main Features:

  • Advanced label design
  • Format management
  • BarTender™ integration
  • Offline printing

Unlimited Label Design Possibilities

Our system integrates with Seagull Scientific's BarTender® labeling software. Using BarTender's unique component features we've created 100's of predefined components. The user simply "drags and drops" the components containing pre-formatted label information onto a label design. This approach significantly reduces the creation time of your label formats.

Click to view larger:
Label Design   Label Preview - Examples (PDF)

To view more information about BarTender 10 - Click here | For BarTender brochure - Click here

Label Content

All label content is created, updated and managed by the customer on the ChemplianceWeb labeling website. This ensures label information is centrally updated and available to remote print locations. Label content is entered directly into CWL by selecting pre-loaded GHS, WHMIS, OSHA, and EU phrases and symbols. The system phrases are available in 20+ languages as specified in the subscription. Included in the subscription are regular updates of the system phrases and regulatory graphics as they are made available. Each account can edit and add additional phrases that will only be available to their account. They can also copy system phrases but the original system phrases will not be changed.

What products can be printed at each LabelSync location is controlled by an administrator. Scheduled synchronization between LabelSync and ChemplianceWeb will guarantee that label information is current at all remote printing locations.

Format Management

The LabelSync program will have format management features including a format upload utility. Formats designed by a sync user can be uploaded to ChemplianceWeb. Each account can maintain a centralized library of formats. All LabelSync users will be able to view a listing of formats maintained on their website. If a user has the correct privileges they can download formats to print at their location.

Make ChemplianceWeb Work for You. Customize it to Meet Your Needs.

This enterprise solution is designed to help organizations manage their MSDSs and documents related to chemicals within their facilities or for distribution to their clients. This includes: efficient searches, management reports, workplace labeling and a variety of other features to facilitate compliance to product safety regulations.

Look Below to see a full list of features.


ChemplianceWeb logo WebLabeling Logo LabelSync logo
Global language interface
Data support
Embeddable auto-generated access links
Multiple custom branded websites
User controlled interface customization
Filter through finished goods, workplace and raw material SDSs
Expired SDS filters with automatic e-mail updates
Announcement area for all users
Manage unlimited supplier contacts and company support
User defined basic and advanced search field criteria
Generate e-mail with SDS attached directly from search grid
Pre-defined SDS searches
Authorization and approval process
Advanced document security controls
Prints workplace GHMIS, HMIS, NFPA and GHS labels
Profile-based security
Unlimited department and location tree
Multi-lingual product safety summary report
Multi-lingual regulatory, products and safety reports
Certificate of analysis (COA) distribution
Product indexing data import utility
Direct integration with ICC professional SDS services
Select browser-based printing
Associate products to print locations
Associate product to formats minimizing mislabeled containers
Includes system formats to speed up implementation of your system
Private and customer specific labeling
Prints workplace labels formats including GHMIS, HMIS and NFPA
Product labels meet GHS, OSHA, WHMIS and EU requirements
Dynamic prompts for lot, weight, deposit, etc… 10 in total
Includes HMIS PPE, ANSI PPE and other pictograms
Multilingual support of 30 different risk and safety phrase libraries
Integrates with ICC authored SDS
Advanced label design capabilities
Advanced format management and offline label printing
Integration with Seagull Scientific's Bartender
Print to all thermal transfer and laser printers
Label serialization, RFID and all barcode symbologies

To view more information about BarTender 10.1 - Click here | For Bartender brochure - Click here

Please contact us for more information.

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