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Let’s Not Make Black Friday so Dark

Holiday Shopping Safety For a lot of us, this upcoming holiday shopping season is a time looked forward to throughout...

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A Scientist, an Actor, a Businessman, and Unknown Toxicity

Many good jokes have a common setup to them. That setup involves a unique group of individuals and some sort...

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OSHA Hazard Communication Website Gets a Facelift

As I get older and more wrinkles, crow’s feet and age spots appear on my face, I consider some sort...

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OSHA, Newspapers, & Pictures – Electrical Safety

A few weeks ago I posted a blog regarding Fall Prevention. In it there was a reference to Arthur Brisbane, a...

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Astuces de sécurité pour l’automne

Le calendrier fixé sur mon mur m’indique le mois de novembre, ce qui signifie que la fin de l’automne arrive...

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Autumn Safety Tips

The calendar on my wall tells me it is November which means life has moved into the last days of...

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