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Regulatory Helpdesk: April 2

How to determine if a product is regulated, SAPT on a SDS, Shipping a drone, and using a UN package...

Karrie Ishmael, CDGP

WHMIS 2015 Concentration Ranges – Finally Some SDS ‘Relief’

Health Canada Amendment to the HPR (Hazardous Product Regulations) Health Canada published a proposed amendment to the HPR (Hazardous Product...

Who is Your Trainer?

Do you know who is training you? Help! My team and I recently attended a training session and received our...

Karrie Ishmael, CDGP

Regulatory Helpdesk: March 26

Proper shipping name, 500 kg exemption, MANCOMM symbol, and a TDG error Welcome back to the Regulatory Helpdesk where we...

Karrie Ishmael, CDGP

Change Notice: BX-21SP

In an effort to continuously improve the quality and performance of our UN packaging, we occasionally must make changes to...

Michael Zendano

Shipping Spaceship Batteries to Nibiru

A Helpdesk Call that was Out of This World Occasionally our Regulatory Helpline is asked a question by a customer...


When an Ordinary Box Isn’t so Ordinary After All (HazMat Box)

We have all used a fiberboard (or cardboard as most people call it) box to ship something. It may have...

ICC Regulatory Expert

“Thank You for Not Smoking” – Ontario Requires Signage in Trucks

One of the confusing aspects of transporting dangerous goods is the web of different regulations that can affect a shipment....

Barbara Foster

The Carrier Has The Final Say

Have you ever prepared a shipment that you were 100% certain was done according to regulation, only to have it...

ICC Regulatory Expert

WHMIS 2015 – Administrative Aspects

Despite the publicity and awareness campaigns around the labels, SDS and classification aspects of WHMIS 2015, there are a few...

ICC Regulatory Expert

The Importance of Packing Instructions

Simon Says . . . It’s All About Following Directions An experienced shipper knows that in order to be compliant...

As a Member of the Public, What Do I Do When I Have the Need to Ship Dangerous Goods?

A recent post, that has sparked a lot of debate in some of my circles, has led me to do...


DG / HazMat Industry Acronyms

DG / HazMat Industry Acronyms Have you ever spoken with a seasoned Hazmat professional who is seemingly talking in gibberish??...

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