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GHS Chemical Labels

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GHS Container Labels with Classifications

ICC Compliance Center is the leader in North America with GHS labeling. OSHA 29CFR 1910.1200 has developed GHS labeling requirements that include signal words like DANGER or WARNING, pictograms, hazard and precautionary statements. We can help you and your customers comply with the new GHS regulations with labels on-demand. Call and speak with Customer Relations or your Business Development Manager and ask how we can help you comply with GHS.

Labels are available in two materials: gloss paper or Thermalabel. Ordering by shipping name? Try our Chemical Search – lookup your UN Number or Proper Shipping Name fast.

We specialize in custom labels; simply supply us the chemical name or CAS number. We have over 700,000 mixtures available in our database that will allow us to meet your needs.

ICC Compliance Center can help you and your customers comply with the new GHS regulations with labels on demand. Our ChemplianceWeb Suite may be the perfect solution for your business.

To learn how you can produce your own labels on demand view our printing solutions.

Our chemical labels are availible in English, Spanish, French and over 40 other languages. Label configurations come in two colors; black and red.


On-Demand Labels

Whether you need 100 or 10,000 labels we can help you create any label on paper or outdoor vinyl material. All we need is your CAS number(s) or SDS. Choose the languages needed (English/Spanish or English/French). We strongly recommend multilingual labels to help meet OSHA's vision of everyone understanding the hazards in the workplace.

Please provide quantity, material and high resolution logo, ICC will classify, translate, and add your logo and address.

Product Code Size Material Shop Now
LB-GHS001P 5.875" x 4" Paper USA Canada Canada (FR)

LB-GHS001V 5.875" x 4" Vinyl USA Canada Canada (FR)

LB-GHS002P 8.375" x 3.875" Paper USA Canada Canada (FR)

LB-GHS002V 8.375" x 3.875" Vinyl USA Canada Canada (FR)

LB-GHS003P 11.375" x 5" Paper USA Canada Canada (FR)

LB-GHS003V 11.375" x 5" Vinyl USA Canada Canada (FR)

LB-GHS004P 7.875" x 5.5" Paper USA Canada Canada (FR)

LB-GHS004V 7.875" x 5.5" Vinyl USA Canada Canada (FR)

Minimum order of 500 for custom chemical labels.


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