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Environmentally Hazardous Substance and IMDG LQ Labels

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Environmentally Hazardous Substance labels are mandatory for all shipments by sea containing materials hazardous to marine life.

Our labels comply with the IATA, ICAO and IMDG Code regulations for shipments of environmentally hazardous substances and marine pollutants, and comply with the 90-day sea water immersion test. Available on rolls of 500.

Environmentally Hazardous Substance label

Environmentally Hazardous Substance Label

This replaces the "dead fish" Marine Pollutant label.

Regulations: IATA, ICAO and IMDG Code
Dimensions: 4" x 4" (10.16 cm x 10.16 cm)
Material: Gloss Paper or Thermalabel
Sold By: Rolls of 500
Product Codes:
LB-USI6601 Gloss Paper USA Canada Canada (FR)
LB-USIV6601 Thermalabel USA Canada Canada (FR)

Stay compliant with the newest regulations for environmentally hazardous substances.

This mark was introduced in the 50th edition of the IATA regulations (and ICAO 2009/2010 edition). It is required for combination packages where the inner package or single package is larger than 5 L (1.32 gal.) for liquids or 5 kg (11 lbs.) for solids. This label became mandatory on January 1, 2009.

For shipments by sea, the Thermalabel version is required.

Marine UN marking

IMDG Code Limited Quantity Label with UN Number

Dimensions: 4" x 4" (10.16 cm x 10.16 cm)
Material: Gloss Paper or Thermalabel
Sold By: Rolls of 500
Product Codes:
LB-SNUP Gloss Paper USA Canada Canada (FR)
LB-SNUV Thermalabel USA Canada Canada (FR)

Our square-on-point IMDG Code limited quantity markings are printed on gloss paper or Thermalabel™ material with your specified UN number. When needed, label size can be increased to accommodate more than one UN number when shipping several marine pollutants in one shipment. If multiple UN numbers are needed, call our customer relations center today to place your custom order.

Try our Chemical Search – lookup your UN Number or Proper Shipping Name fast.

Common UN Numbers and Proper Shipping Names:
UN 1133 Adhesives, containing a flammable liquid
UN 1171 Ethylene glycol monoethyl ether
UN 1202 Diesel fuel
UN 1219 Isopropanol or Isopropyl alcohol
UN 1263 Paint
UN 1263 Paint related material
UN 1760 Compounds, cleaning liquid
UN 1805 Phosphoric acid solution
UN 1866 Resin solution, flammable
UN 1950 Aerosols
UN 1987 Alcohols, n.o.s.
UN 1993 Flammable liquids, n.o.s.
UN 3077 Environmentally hazardous substances, solid, n.o.s.
UN 3082 Environmentally hazardous substances, liquid, n.o.s.
UN 3175 Solids containing flammable liquid, n.o.s.
UN 3264 Corrosive liquid, acidic, inorganic, n.o.s.
UN 3373 Biological substance, Category B
UN 3394 Organometallic substance, liquid, pyrophoric, water-reactive


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