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Gasoline / Jet Fuel Shippers

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The Compliance Center provides an easy way of shipping samples of jet fuel or gasoline by air or other modes of transportation. Great for shipping all flammable liquids.

Our UN packaging gasoline shippers are designed to aid the oil industry in moving samples of jet fuel. Our cans are red for easy identification. They are epoxy/phenolic lined to prevent contamination of the sample. Pressure tested to 250 kPa.


1 Gallon | 4 L Closed Head Pail Shipper

This gasoline can is ideal for shipping a variety of fuels. A convenient way of sending test samples to laboratories.

Specifications: 1A1/X1.5/250
Opening: .75"
Lining: Epoxy/Phenolic
Maximum Specific Gravity: 1.5
Torque Spec: 15 ft lbs
Skid Qty: 175

Product Code: MT-C10
Description: Gallon can with .75" bung requires torque of 15 ft-lbs

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Gasoline Jet Fuel Shipper

This shipper meets the 95 kPa requirement and can be used for air shipments.

Specifications: 4G/X9.6/S
Box #: BX-11DF
Gross Mass: 21.16 lbs (9.6 kg)
Box Inner Dimensions (L X W x H): 6.75" x 6.75" x 9" (17.15cm x 17.15cm x 22.86cm)
Torque Spec: 15 ft lbs

Product Code: PK-MTM11
Description: Box, Gallon can with 3/4" bung, anti-static bag, spigot
Packing Instructions: View/Download the PDF

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Also Available

Gasoline Jet Fuel Shipper Without Spigot

Product Code: PK-MTM11NS
Description: Box, Gallon can with 3/4" bung, anti-static bag, Spigot

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Torque Wrench

Use this torque wrench to ensure your container is closed in the same manner in which it was tested.

Specifications: Fits .75" or 2" opening
Torque: 30 ft lbs

Product Code: PA-MTTW3015
Description: Torque wrench

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Use this accessory in conjunction with the 1 Gallon Gasoline Can and the Gasoline Jet Fuel Shipper.

Specifications: 0.75" Opening

Product Code: PA-MTSP11

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