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Overpack Boxes

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Our overpack boxes meet all UN specifications and FedEx and UPS requirements for shipping hazardous materials and dangerous goods.

Use our overpack boxes to save on shipping costs. We carry several sizes to accommodate your various shipping needs. Each overpack box is designed to hold up to four inner boxes. Speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives to find out which box meets your packaging needs.

Avoid possible damage and paying additional handling fees to small package carriers by using our overpack boxes. Our packaging exceeds FedEx and UPS requirements, and prevents damage to the pails. It is safe, economical and certified for packing groups II and III when using a UN-specified steel pail.

5 Gallon Overpack Box

Both FedEx and UPS require 5 gallon single packages to be placed in a sturdy overpack. Our overpack box comes complete with top and bottom pads to help keep your can securely in place. This box is available with or without handles.

Overpack Box with Inserts

Insert: 2 IN-UPSPAD
Box Inner Dimensions (L x W x H): 12" x 12" 16.25" (30.48cm x 30.48cm x 41.28cm)
Skid Qty: 240
Packing Instructions: View/Download the PDF

Purchase Options

Without Handles

Product Code: PK-UPS
Description: Overpack box
    (with top and bottom pads)

With Handles

Product Code: PK-UPSOPH
Description: Overpack box with handles
    (with top and bottom pads)

QUORAL® Jerry Cans & Kits

Available for Sale in the U.S.A. Only

QUORAL® (patent pending)–based jerrycans have been extensively tested both for efficacy and safety. They can be used to safely dispense, store and transport solvents such as household chemicals, industrial & laboratory chemicals and waste, cleaning solvents, adhesives, wood preservatives, automotive additives, chemicals in the agricultural, automotive and photochemical sectors. Additionally, they can be used to safely store and transport food ingredients, flavorings, edible oils, essential oils and other industry products such as cosmetics and fragrances. Jerrycans offer an attractive and environmentally friendly alternative to glass, metal containers, coextruded or fluorinated containers and other single-layer barrier containers, polyester and PVC containers.

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