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General information regarding UN specification packaging for shipping hazardous materials / dangerous goods correctly.

We offer the largest selection of UN specification packaging for hazardous materials and dangerous goods in North America—supplemented by our 20 years of packaging experience in design, testing and customization. UN specification packaging can go by a variety of names, but virtually all refer to the same product. Common names include: hazmat packaging (or hazardous materials packaging), dangerous goods packaging, UN packaging, UN approved packaging, UN certified packaging, performance oriented packaging (incorrectly termed "POP packaging"), chemicals packaging, paint packaging, infectious packaging, and DOT approved packaging.

Variation Packaging 4GV Boxes

A type of UN specification packaging, know as variation packaging (or "V packaging" for short) is used when a combination of different inner components is needed, or when the party responsible for shipping has a variety of products to ship. In general, all variation boxes have required cushioning distances (the minimum space between each inner component and/or the inner walls of the box), and must have all void space filled with an absorbent, such as vermiculite.

Misleading and incorrect terminology

Phrases such as "UN approved packaging" and "UN certified packaging" create a false impression that the United Nations approve or certify every item printed with their symbol. This is not true, which is why any packaging that bares a UN marking should be referred to as "UN specification packaging". Hazmat packaging, hazardous material packaging and dangerous goods packaging are other common interpretations of UN specification packaging—simply referencing their intended and most common use.

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