PLACARDS – Section 4.15(2)

By August 18, 2009 April 24th, 2019 Regulations, ICC & Industry News

The placarding saga continues. Transport Canada has issued an ALERT to explain (?) the options available when a large means of containment that requires placards is loaded into a large means of transport. So if we have 2 IBC’s (class 8 and class 3) to be shipped, our options are:

Option 1: for each primary class placard and UN number, duplicate on the outside of the truck.

Option 2: utilize the table in section 4.15(1) which states that for dangerous goods in direct contact with the large means of containment, display the primary class placard with UN number; but as the dangerous goods are not in direct contact with the trailer, then the truck can be placarded with the primary class placards alone OR with the DANGER placard; use of the DANGER placard is only for more than one different class provided that an ERAP is not required or that the dangerous goods are not Class 7 or Class 1.

Transport Canada has drafted a proposal to Part 4 to clarify the issue. Apparently the DANGER placard option will disappear and the use of the primary placard with UN number will be required on the truck.