Unitech of Alaska

Unitech of Alaska

Unitech of Alaska was formed to offer a competitive and reliable source of pollution and response products in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

Our facilities house a full contingent of emergency response equipment and a large inventory of pollution prevention and remediation products. Accidents do occasionally happen, regardless of the degree of care and vigilance given an operation. Unitech's personnel are trained in oil spill response as well as hazardous material handling and response. We can help your firm by recommending solutions and products to resolve problems situations. Unitech of Alaska is in business to help you control problem spills. We're serious about our business, and it reflects in our large inventory of spill control products, from spill containment through packaging for proper disposal.

Sorbent boom 4 inch - 5 inch - 8 inch, harbor boom, fastwater boom, contractors, compactible, open ocean, reel packs and inflatable boom.

Weir, rope mops, drum, dise type, skimpaks, manta rays, and others for OPA 90 requirements.

85-100 gallon overpacks, poly and steel, 55 gallon VN approved, 8 gallon to 55 gallon open head, tightheads for liquids, dual service, wooden kegs, bear proof drums, fibre drums, plus a full line of miscellaneous tanks, bladders and containers.

We stock all types including polypro, non-wovens, anti-stats, peat types, rubberizers, cellulose types, vermiculite, and floor sweep (diatemaceous earth).

Liners and Fabrics
Pit liners, berm liners, pond liners, portable berms, fastanks, fold-a-tanks, visqueen, tarps, geotextiles, construction net, fence, bird nets, configured to any size.

Partswashers, hydralic hose repair kits, drum deheaders, steam cleaners, light sets, generator sets, pumps, drum dollies, oil/water seperators, fabric repair kits and more.

Unitech delivers to your door whether you have an emergency spill or just need to replace your stock, we can handle it fast.


7600 King Street
Anchorage, AK 99518
Phone: 800.649.5859
Fax: 907.349.5142
Email: info@unitechofalaska.com

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