Paint Can Shippers

Our paint can shipping kits has been designed, tested, and certified to ship hazardous materials in packing groups II or III.

Our paint can kits come in a variety of options and sizes. Choose from quart or gallon cans. When shipping by air, UPS, or FedEx use our Ringlok® overseals.

Our UN specification can shippers come completely assembled with easy-to-read instructions and include all the required components for the safe transport of hazardous materials or dangerous goods by cargo air, highway, rail, or sea.

ICC The Compliance Center carries packaging systems that meet all carrier requirements including ISTA project 1A testing and IATA internal pressure differential testing. Our compliant paint can shippers include an insert to secure your paint can and eliminate the need for absorbents, saving you time and money.

Please note: Gallon-size cans require an overseal to be compliant with IATA pressure tests; pint and quart cans require an overseal or paint can clips.

Please note: It is the shipper’s responsibility to determine the suitability of inner and outer packagings. This includes any requirements for absorbent material in accordance with modal requirement for use with contents. Please contact one of our Customer Relations Specialists if you have any questions on the compatibility of your products with our packaging. Although we cannot recommend compatibility, we would be happy to send you a sample.

Shipper must ensure that the package is prepared as it was tested and per the instruction sheet. Deviations from any part of this instruction may void the UN certification.

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