Reciprocity – TDG & 49 CFR

By August 22, 2008 April 17th, 2019 Regulations, ICC & Industry News

Although there is reciprocity between Canada and the U.S., effective September 1, 2008, the hazard labels the U.S. use for Class 2.3 and Class 6.1, PG I will not be accepted in Canada:

So what is a consignor to do when importing any of these items or exporting to the U.S.? Only use the TDG label or use the U.S. label and keep their fingers crossed? Double label the packages? Arrange to have someone change the labels at the border?

Well, Transport Canada has provided an answer. The consignor can double label the packages. This information can be found under the heading: Dangerous Goods safety marks at the Transport Canada website:

Why couldn’t Transport Canada publish this when Amendment 6 came into force? And what is the big deal about these U.S. labels?