Regulations & Elections

By September 16, 2008 Regulations

The Prime Minister has gone to the Governor General and now Canada is in the throes of a general election.

So what does this do to regulatory change? As the ministers are now in their ridings campaigning for re-election, how does Transport Canada get out the amendments to Amendment 6? There are a number of issues brought about by Amendment 6 that need to be clarified. Transport Canada (TC) did have some discussion papers posted on their website, but the website is now conspicuous by the absence of these papers.

MACTDG has met with Transport Canada to discuss one of the Amendment 6 issues—ERAP’s. But why is this taking so long? TC has indicated that it wants to remove the 10% rule and go back to the “accumulation of large means of containment”. So, what are you waiting for? Do it.

The same with the 150 kg Gross Mass Exemption—TC knows what it wants to add, so just do it.

Let’s get our regulations in order. And is there any reason why we can’t this right the first time around?