24-hour Emergency Response Phone Number

INFOTRAC 24-hour Emergency Response


INFOTRAC is a sophisticated chemical emergency response system which provides up-to-date information and comprehensive assistance in emergency situations involving hazardous materials.

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Why do I need a 24-hour Emergency Phone Number?

According to:

  • 49CFR section 172.604 (c) a shipping paper must contain an emergency response telephone number.
  • TDG part 3.5 (f) states that an emergency response phone number must be provided on the shipping document. This number must be available 24 hours a day while the material is in transport
  • IATA USG-12 outlines the need for a 24 hour emergency response phone number when transporting to, from or within the USA

How does it work?

At the time an emergency call is received at the INFOTRAC Command Center, it is immediately answered by one of our trained emergency response technicians. Should there be any injuries, we can interlink with the Poison Control Center where toxicologists and doctors will provide immediate first aid information.

Our technician will proceed with an evaluation of the chemical emergency and will then disseminate all information necessary, related to evacuation radius, fire-fighting procedures, and incompatibility with other products, protective clothing requirements, and any other additional information needed.

INFOTRAC operators will then notify the INFOTRAC member, advise as to the status of the emergency, and if necessary, interlink them with the emergency site location via the Command Center interlink. All emergency calls and response information are recorded and logged by date and time for future evaluation by both INFOTRAC and participating member. All tapes are kept on file and a copy will be made available to member company if needed.

INFOTRAC will provide the member with the proper Department of Transportation reporting form (F5800.1) which is required by the DOT to be submitted within 30 days of any hazardous substance or material release during transportation (including loading, unloading and temporary storage related to transportation).

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