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OSHA Plant Audits & Transport Audit Services

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Plant Audits

Be ready for scheduled and surprise inspections by PHMSA, Transport Canada, OSHA, or Health Canada

Working in a facility around industrial equipment and machinery requires skill and prudent safety practices. However, what practices are in place after products have left the machinery? In order to ensure companies are compliant with dangerous goods regulations, the US DOT and Transport Canada conduct random inspections for violations. Are you prepared?

As an employer you are required to manage and control the numerous risks and hazards associated with your industry, and must also be aware of the ramifications of the acts, codes, and regulations that govern your operations. Penalties, fines, and punitive litigation for breaches of transportation, and the resulting injuries are substantial. Can you afford not to be compliant?

Let ICC Compliance Center help before the inspector visits!

Our comprehensive audits and inspections are an optimum way of increasing safety awareness in your workplace; ensuring peace of mind that your organization is complying with dangerous goods transportation requirements. Professional management helps to protect businesses, workers, the general public, and families from the trauma of accident and tragedy.

Our comprehensive transportation audits review your process from beginning to end, looking at all 7 steps to compliance. Audits are available for compliance with:

  1. 49 CFR
  2. TDG
  3. IATA
  4. IMDG
  5. Or WHMIS 2015

You will receive a report specific to each area of your business itemized with photos, and pertinent regulations. The report is prioritized so all issues may be addressed in order of important (high, medium, low). This will allow you to create a safety action plan and budget effectively in order to address any concerns.

Benefits of a Plant Audit

  1. You have a complete picture of your compliance situation
  2. You obtain the tools to meet requirements of various regulations and receive suggestions to streamline shipments
  3. You can present a plan of action to any inspector who walks in unannounced
  4. You now have a partner in compliance to help with all your dangerous goods needs
  5. You continue to be a proactive employer in addressing business needs

What’s included?

Our plant audit includes a walkthrough and visual inspection inclusive of:

  1. Packaging standards
  2. Labeling of packages and containers for 49 CFR, TDG Clear Language, IATA, IMDG and/or WHMIS 2015
  3. Shipping documentation
  4. Safety data sheets (SDS)
  5. Health and safety issues
  6. Safety signs
  7. Workplace labeling
  8. Risk/Hazard identification
  9. Security
  10. GHS implementation

You will receive a report outlining specific recommendations including any exemptions to ensure full compliance. These also include any exemptions from which you may benefit.

Your account manager will:

  1. Review the report with you
  2. Help you understand the report
  3. Select appropriate products/services to solve areas of concern

If necessary, a regulatory specialist can assist your account manager in delivering the report to a group so the information is understood by all involved.

While we cannot prevent an inspection, we can certainly help you pass it with flying colors.

To schedule your plant audit, or to find out more information call our customer relations center today at 888.442.9628 (USA) or 888.977.4834 (Canada).


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