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WHMIS SDS, Labelling, and Training Services

In the Canadian workplace, there is a set of regulations that must be adhered to. That set of regulations is known as WHMIS, or Workplace Hazardous Materials Identification System. The goal of WHMIS is to ensure worker protection through education and accident prevention.

We, at ICC Compliance Center, are your specialist for hazard communication compliance. Through our extensive service offering, and supporting product line, we are your one-stop shop. Call us today, and ask how we can help you with the key elements of WHMIS: labels; training; and safety data sheets.


There are two types of WHMIS labels required by regulations in Canada: supplier labels and workplace labels.

Supplier labels are for controlled products manufactured or imported for use in Canada. They must be affixed on drums, pails, bottles and other containers. It must bare the distinctive WHMIS hatched border, and applicable hazard class symbols.

Workplace labels are for controlled products produced at the workplace for use at the workplace. These labels can replace supplier labels if it has been removed or has become impossible to read. Key hazard information must be provided by law, which can be shown using labels in the workplace.


Under the Canadian Hazardous Products Act, there are clear responsibilities to the supplier of dangerous goods, and the employer. Labeling, hazard communication via SDSs, and training are mandatory aspects of this legislation. Whether you are a chemical supplier, employer, importer or a person involved in the daily use or handling of these products, you must know about WHMIS.

WHMIS labels, safety data sheets and training must be provided in accordance to legislation. These three key elements combine to provide a powerful and effective hazard communication tool. We, at ICC Compliance Center can help you in all aspects of WHMIS compliance, and many other regulations including; ICAO/IATA, IMDG, OSHA, 49CFR, TDG and GHS. As your global hazmat solutions provider, we are only a phone call away.

Safety Data Sheets

Material safety data sheets, or SDSs, play an important role in your workplace. They provide critical information about precautions and procedures to follow in an emergency. Therefore, the information provided must follow strict WHMIS regulations criteria.

Questions to think about:

If you are able to answer these questions with confidence, your company is in great shape for maintaining SDS compliance under WHMIS. Tell us about your labels and training, so that ICC and your company can ensure total compliance for years to come with WHMIS and other regulations.

If you are not able to answer these questions with confidence, do not be alarmed. Simply call us and we will gladly help you with labels, training and safety data sheets. We will work with you to develop and maintain your company's WHMIS compliance needs.


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