UN Numbered & Blank

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4-digit UN numbered placards are the most widely used method of identifying a specific hazard during transportation. Blank placards also available for customization of multiple UN numbers.

Use numbered placards for shipping hazardous materials / dangerous goods by road, rail and sea on tank trucks, railcars, IBC’s, full loads and more.

Our placards comply with 49 CFR Part 172, Subpart 172.332 in the US and TDG Part 4 – Dangerous Goods Safety Marks in Canada.

All placards available in four durable materials: permanent self-stick vinyl, removable self-stick vinyl, rigid vinyl, or tagboard—now 25% thicker, and good for 90 days in rain and snow! Also inquire about having your placards printed on our reflective material.

Note: According to 49 CFR 172.334, no person may display an identification number of a radioactive material, explosive material, with the “Dangerous” placard, or on a subsidiary hazard placard. If shipping in Canada (using theTDG Regulations) or internationally by sea (using the IMDG Code), you may display identification numbers for radioactive shipments.