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K-Sorb Universal Particulate, 10 lbs.

K-Sorb Universal Particulate, 10 lbs.

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Code de produit: AB-KSORB
Poids facturable: 10 lbs. (4.54 kg)


This is a highly absorbent cellulose product used to absorb and control liquid spills in industrial settings. It is manufactured from recycled cellulose fiber and is non-selective (universal) in what it absorbs. It is a non-carcinogenic, low-dust alternative to clay and vermiculite. K-SORB® Universal Particulate can absorb 3 to 5 times its weight in liquid spills.

For volume ordering of this item, please call us for a quote.

Bag size: 10 lbs.
Dust contents: Low
Liquid Absorbency: Three to five times weight.

Additional Information:
Made from recycled paper, K-SORB® is also economical, cushions contents and helps absorb shock.

Important Please Note: K-SORB® may react with some class 8 (corrosive) and class 5.1 (oxidizer) materials. It is the responsibility of the user to determine the compatibility of this product.


Code de produit AB-KSORB
Poids facturable 10.0000
Prix par Chacun

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