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Handling Hazardous Materials Pocketbook

Handling Hazardous Materials Pocketbook

9,23 $
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Code de produit: BK-118ORSHM
Poids facturable: 0.62 lbs. (0.28 kg)


This easy-to-read pocketbook gives your drivers fast access to the current regulatory information they need to check placards, labels, markings and shipping papers for compliance with hazardous materials regulations. And that's critical ...because informed drivers can reduce the chances of accidents, hazardous materials incidents, and costly DOT fines for non-compliance.

Here are some of the changes from the previous version:

  • Hazardous Materials Table changes: additions, revisions, and deletions of certain proper shipping names, hazard classes, ID numbers, and packing groups
  • Amendments to §172.102 – Special Provisions to revise 11, add 7, and remove 3 special provisions
  • Updated ID number cross-reference
  • New Marine Pollutant marking and revised list of marine pollutants
  • New Excepted Quantities marking and requirements
  • Revised Cargo Aircraft Only label


Code de produit BK-118ORSHM
Poids facturable 0.6200
Prix par Chacun
Dimensions 4" x 6" (10.16 cm x 15.24 cm)
Langage Anglais
Date de publication Mensuel
Éditeur J.J. Keller
Médias Physique
Règlements Terrestre
Pays Etats-Unis

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