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Caution Radiation Area Authorized Entry Only, 10" x 7", Rigid Vinyl, English

Caution Radiation Area Authorized Entry Only, 10" x 7", Rigid Vinyl, English

11,20 $
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Code de produit: SG-RAD2BRV
Poids facturable: 0.56 lbs. (0.25 kg)


Caution Radiation Area Authorized Entry Only Sign

Icon: Radiation.
Color: Purple on yellow.
Print: "Caution - Radiation area radioactive materials authorized personnel only".
Material and other additional information:

This sign keeps workers/visitors aware of dangerous radiation situations, and to keep out of designated areas. If you can't find the sign you're looking for in our stock, let ICC custom design it for you. Purchase directly from the manufacturer and speak to a friendly customer service representative today!

Screen Printed Rigid Vinyl (RV):
This material is very durable and weather resistant. The long lasting properties and chemical resistance of this material make it a core candidate for signs, tags, and placards exposed to severe weather conditions and handling issues with its five to seven years of outdoor life.


Code de produit SG-RAD2BRV
Poids facturable 0.5600
Matière Vinyle rigide
Langage Anglais
Dimensions 10" x 7" (25.4 cm x 17.78 cm)
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