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Shipping Lithium Batteries by Air, English

Shipping Lithium Batteries by Air, English

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Code de produit: TR-LIT10
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There will be a one-hour lunch break at mid-day. Exercises are used to reinforce knowledge.

Topics Covered:
  • What are lithium batteries?
  • Overview of the federal & international regulations (ICAO/IATA)
  • Use of the IATA book
  • Classification of dangerous goods according to IATA (ICAO)
  • Using the dangerous goods list
  • General packaging requirements
  • UN specification packaging
  • Specific packaging requirements for lithium batteries
  • Selecting and understanding a packing instruction
  • Marking and labeling
  • Shipping documents
    • Declarations
    • Waybills
  • Quiz

*Using a credit card to register online will cause your payment to be processed immediately. In the event of a course cancellation, ICC Compliance Center Inc.'s sole responsibility is to refund the amount paid or reschedule at our discretion. ICC The Compliance Center Inc. assumes no responsibility for your travel or other expenses.


Code de produit TR-LIT10
Poids facturable 0.0000
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Langage Anglais
Type de formation Initiale
Règlements Air
Pays Etats-Unis

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