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About ICC Compliance Center

ICC Compliance Center (ICC) is a provider of solutions for regulatory compliance in transportation and workplace safety, specializing in labeling, packaging, training and consulting. ICC’s onsite manufacturing capabilities and recognized regulatory expertise serves customers in chemical distribution and manufacturing, transportation and logistics, paint and coatings, automotive, government, healthcare, consumer products markets and more. The company’s most requested products and services include: packaging kits, corrugated boxes, transportation labels, placards, regulatory publications, metal pails and drums, transportation accessories, shipping forms, absorbents and pillows, consulting, and training.

Regulatory Helpline  (855) 734-5469


ICC provides a wide assortment of products for compliance with transportation regulations. This includes recordkeeping supplies, security measures, and shipping documentation, as well as placards, labels, and safety signs.

Workplace Health and Safety

ICC’s workplace health and safety product line consists of a wide range of labeling, signage, tags, posters and packaging accessories. Our posters cover topics such as GHS workplace regulations, shipping by ground, air and sea, UN-specification packaging, load segregation and the WHMIS system.

Label Printing Solutions

Label printing solutions range from printers and accessories to blank label stock for on-demand printing of short-run labels. Printer accessories, and blank label stock are also available sheeted or in rolls for on-demand printing. In addition, onsite service plans and onsite depot plans are available upon request.

Regulatory Consulting/Training Services

ICC’s regulatory consulting covers a wide range of topics spanning SDSs and translations, classifications, industrial label texts, and consumer label instructions. Regulatory expertise covers specific areas such as WHMIS, TDG, OSHA/ANSI, 49CFR, US CPSC, CCCR, CHIP, the GHS, and HMIS.


ICC provides regulations to help shippers comply with the hazardous materials/ dangerous goods regulations day in and day out. Publications are the keystone of following the regulations and having a successful shipment. We stock regulation manuals from the Transport Canada, IATA, IMO, WHMIS, U.S. DOT, OSHA, the UN and more.

UN Performance Packaging

UN Performance packaging is a standard developed by the United Nations to standardized packaging for shipments of hazardous materials/dangerous goods. Our packaging solutions consist of combination and single packages in plastic, metal and glass.