4G UN Boxes - Combination

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4G UN Combination Boxes exceed standards and provide maximum compatibility.

Made in North America from durable, heavy-duty fiberboard, ICC’s Regulatory Packaging Experts designed these boxes, tested, and certified them to UN Specifications, UPS, FedEx, and ISTA requirements. These packaging solutions exceed international standards in transporting hazardous materials / dangerous goods.
Suitable for Packing Group I, II & III, Liquids, our combination packaging permits various sizes and types of approved inner containers.

Samples of our boxes are available; contact us today.

Custom Packaging: Our packaging experts can design and manufacture a 4G UN Combination box and packaging solution to suit your product. Use this form to submit your request.

Please note: It is the shipper’s responsibility to determine the suitability of inner and outer packagings. Refer to product packing instructions for more details.
Not sure what you need? Review our UN Performance Packaging FAQ or contact us – our experts are available to help.