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We have the labels you need for your product, warehousing, and shipping needs.


Custom or Stock

Our vast selection of durable and weather-resistant labels have your shipments covered.

Custom Labeling Services

Label Text Regulatory Services

As a component of your company’s hazard communication program, the ability to communicate potential workplace hazards efficiently and effectively is vital. Depending on the country in which your company operates and the markets you serve, there are varying regulations to comply with. The foundation of the safety program is a compliant SDS, then labels are generated to further communicate the hazards as the employees work with the products.

Labels contain important information to communicate the hazards to the employee. Depending on the country the label is designed for, information may include warning phrases, first aid measures, handling and storage, and pictograms to help convey the message.

In United States and Canada, manufacturers and/or suppliers must provide proper labels. These labels must meet all regulatory requirements as specified by Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) in the United States, and Workplace Hazardous Materials Identification System (WHMIS) in Canada. Once the GHS regulations become effective, the labels (and SDS) will need to be changed to comply with this new regulation.

At ICC Compliance Center, we offer a variety of labeling services that will meet and exceed your needs for regulatory compliance. Our regulatory department has 190+ years of combined experience, enabling them to answer your health and safety, transportation, workplace regulations questions plus much more. We are your global hazmat solution!

Label Text Creations – WHMIS, OSHA, CCCR, CPSC, European, GHS

Do you have new products to market? Or perhaps you are entering a new market? Let ICC Compliance Center take on the task of creating label text for your products. Simply tell us which regulations you have to comply with, and we will create the label text from your SDS. Based on your needs, we will ensure that all the necessary information is on your label – so that you may create a safety compliance program with complete and accurate information.

Label Text Reviews

Are you unsure if your labels are in compliance? Do you know if information is missing? Are all the phrases listed? If at any time you find yourself second-guessing, let ICC Compliance Center take the guesswork away and remove any doubts you have about your labels. Our detailed reviews will provide insight into information that is missing, redundant, irrelevant, or incomplete. This way, your labels can be recreated and/or updated to be in compliance.

Label Resizing

Are you selling your product in a variety of container sizes? These regulations often specify the point size of the wording, warning phrases, pictograms etc. based on container size. ICC Compliance Center can provide resizing information to ensure that your labels are in compliance.

Label Translation

Are you selling your product in a country where a variety of languages are spoken? Let ICC Compliance Center translate your label text into the required language.

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