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Compliance Partners

ICC Compliance Center’s Dealer Program

Our dealer program is designed to grow relationships with key dealers in the the shipping and handling of hazardous materials community. ICC selectively evaluates channel dealers in specific geographic regions and vertical markets to increase market penetration and reduce the potential for channel conflict. ICC also associates with repackers and trainers in the dangerous goods / hazardous materials industry.

Open Letter to Prospective Partners

Dear Valued Partners,

ICC Compliance Center is a growing business with a long history of successful partnerships with North American Fortune 500s, small and medium enterprises, government, and non-government agencies to provide the highest standard of compliance products, services and training. Our reputation and customer satisfaction in the industry is unparalleled.

Our philosophy behind such an endeavor is to continue our successful formula through partnership with reputable companies across North America and to provide to our customers a one-stop value-added solution for regulatory compliance in transportation and workplace safety. If you are looking to foster/grow or sell your business, please email me directly at [email protected] or call me at my direct line (905) 890-7260. We are always looking to continue our entrepreneurially run business by building value through organic growth, partnerships and acquisition ingenuities. Your call is without obligation and all information is confidential.

Thank you,
John Munro
General Manager – ICC Compliance Center