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Date: November 30th, 2023

Time: 2-3 PM EST

Topics Discussed:

As 2023 winds down, governments try to tie up loose ends and look towards 2024. Our fourth-quarter update will include:

  • US DOT – Regulatory rulemaking has slowed down as the Department of Transportation concentrates on information gathering for the coming year. The international harmonization amendment is still delayed, but DOT has issued an enforcement policy to make it easier for you to comply with both DOT and international regulations.

  • Transport Canada – a significant new requirement has just been published, requiring registration of sites involved in transporting dangerous goods. Find out what the new Part 17 involves, and if you must register.

  • ICAO/IATA/IMDG – we summarize changes for next year’s IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and look at which edition of the IMDG Code to use for 2024.

  • WHMIS/OSHA – Health Canada has issued an important update to their guidance document for suppliers of hazardous materials and is looking for feedback on improving our Confidential Business Information (CBI) system.

  • The 2024 Emergency Response Guide is soon to be published. Learn what changes we’ll see in this important document.

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