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Celebrating Our 35th Anniversary

October 23rd, 2022, marks ICC’s 35th anniversary. Although the current ICC team members are not the founders (they’re enjoying retirement), we are proud to build on its original promise: providing knowledge and quality products, services, and training to those in the Dangerous Goods industry; along with a commitment to the people we work with and for.
As we’ve grown in the industries and geographies we serve, we’ve launched 1000s of products and helped companies acquire the optimal DG solutions their business requires.

So much has changed since our start. Technology’s pace is only accelerating. Customer and employee expectations are changing. These past couple of years have provided an unavoidable lesson for us all on how to adapt rapidly to market conditions while putting the safety and needs of people first.

Companies have a growth curve, much like people. At 35, we are more aware of our strengths and how much there is still to learn. We are grateful for the people who have gotten us here and those who continue to offer their expertise to the team.
Many thanks to everyone who has been part of the journey.

ICC Company Overview and History Presentation

Are you familiar with ICC Compliance Center and what we do? We would love for you to get to know more about us. Learn about the many industries we can serve, and how we can be of service for your hazmat/dangerous goods compliance needs. We have locations across the US and Canada, and over 200 years of combined regulatory experience. Have a look at our overview, and get in touch with us regarding your hazmat/dangerous goods questions.

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