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Custom Packaging Design

ICC Compliance Center has more than three decades of experience in packaging design and development. We can design custom packaging kits to suit your company’s needs that are compliant with current standards/regulations. Whether you ship by road, rail, air, or sea we can provide a solution to meet the following standards or regulations:

Standards & Regulations

  • Transport Canada – CGSB
  • International – ASTM
  • US DOT – 49 CFR
  • Canada – TDG Clear Language
  • Marine – IMDG
  • Air – IATA/ICAO

View our inventory of single packaging and accessories available in steel or HDPE. We also have combination packaging available for metal, plastic, or glass inner containers. If you still require a custom solution we have the following services available.

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Design Process

  1. Evaluation and consulting
  2. Assessment of design option
  3. Assistance with package development
  4. Ensure packaging meets applicable testing requirements
  5. Test report and recertification maintenance
  6. Design registration (Transport Canada)
  7. Artwork
  8. Component sourcing
  9. Product inspections and quality assurance
  10. Delivery of final packaging at a competitive price


Test reports are available for each certified packaging design. Reports include:

  • A detailed description of the design tested
  • Identification number
  • Test results
  • Certificate of compliance
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UN Testing

ICC Compliance Center offers a comprehensive range of services to help you comply with UN performance packaging test requirements. Our extensive experience in developing and testing packaging in the US and Canada is now available to help you achieve the optimum packaging design for your product(s).

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