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Canadian TDG: In Clear Language – Amendment Service

Stay up to date with ICC’s annual TDG Amendment Service

What is the TDG Amendment Service?

ICC Compliance Center is the leader in providing compliance products and services for companies who offer, handle or transport dangerous goods.

One of our long-time products is our Canadian Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act and Regulations. For more than 35 years, we have been providing customers throughout Canada and the United States with up-to-date regulations, based on the Transport Canada legislation.

How does it work?

Initially, customers purchase the BK-CLROM (English or French), book, binder and tabs.

Once a year thereafter; ICC The Compliance Center will issue an invoice in the month of December, for the following years amendment service. This service, is your insurance – it keeps you compliant and up-to-date for the entire year. Often times, Transport Canada issues several amendments, and in other years, none at all.

Amendments issued by Transport Canada may be large – such as Clear Language or Amendment 6, or small such as Amendment 7. Amendments can update the regulations to the UN Recommendations, clarify statements in the Regulations that may have been confusing, correct spelling or otherwise incorrect information or add entries or delete entries. The only way to ensure that you are in total compliance and can prove “due diligence” in case of an incident is to subscribe.

Amendments are available in English or in French, and are a prepaid service. Amendments are issued as needed throughout the year.

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