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Regulatory and Hazard Communication Services

With many years of combined regulatory and industry experience, our highly-qualified Regulatory Experts are prepared to assist you with your hazard communication needs with our full range of services.

Regulatory Labeling and Hazard Communication services from our knowledgeable team of experts!

Custom Labeling Services

Label text creation, reviews and translation, plus label resizing for products regulated by CCCR, CPSC, WHMIS, OSHA, GHS and in Europe.

Custom Package Testing & Design

Our extensive experience over the past 35 years in developing and testing packaging in United States and Canada is available to help you achieve optimum design for your product(s).

Repacking Services

Dangerous Goods regulations require that you follow stringent procedures and provide specific documentation to ship many materials and products by land, sea or air, in certified containers.


Create and verify compliant dangerous goods documents and shipping forms using the DGOffice online software based on the applicable rules and regulations for all modes of transportation. It helps you minimize risks and assures compliance while saving time and money.

Plant Audits

We will analyze your needs and inspect your facilities for compliance to regulations such as 49CFR, TDGR, CCCR, and WHMIS Regulations.

TDG Amendment Service

One of our long-time products is our Canadian Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act and Regulations. For more than 35 years, we have been providing customers throughout Canada and the United States with up-to-date regulations, based on the Transport Canada legislation.

SDS Services

We offer a variety of SDS services that will meet and exceed your needs for regulatory compliance.

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