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IATA Significant Changes – 65th Edition

IATA Significant Changes – 65th Edition

The next IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations release is as predictable as back-to-school and pumpkin spice drinks. This next year is the 65th edition.
The hard-copy books are due to be released in October, while the electronic version is already available.

The Significant changes and amendments in the 65th edition (2024) include:

  • Section 2.3 – Mobility aids regarding end-to-end processes with carriage of mobility aids.
  • Section 2.8.1 – State variations include variations submitted by Argentina and the Philippines and significant changes by Poland.
  • Section 2.8.3 – Operator variations have been revised to include variations submitted by China Postal Airlines, European Cargo, and others.
  • has been amended to identify that non-refillable cylinders containing flammable gas are limited to a water capacity not exceeding 1.25 L.
  • Packing instructions 952 and 954 have also been amended.
  • 6.0.3 has been revised to clarify the format for the UN Specification marks.
  • Section 7.1.7 has been revised regarding Overpacks, and the total weight for dry ice in the overpack is being marked accordingly.
  • has been updated with a note to reinforce that type, number, and net quantity in inner packaging within the outer packaging (combination package) need not be shown.
  • An additional example has been added regarding adding a technical name when the radioactive material has a subsidiary hazard.
  • 10.8.6. includes two new examples.
  • Appendix D has been updated with new Competent Authority information.
  • Appendix E and F have been updated based on new suppliers as appropriate.
  • Appendix H has details on the 66th edition, which will include amendments from the 23rd revised edition of the UN Model Regulations (Orange book).

A complete summary of the changes can be found here.

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