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New Registration Database for Canada

On June 25, 2022, Transport Canada published in the Canada Gazette Part I an amendment “Regulations Amending the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations (Registration Database). There is a 70-day comment period.  

Under this amendment, Canadian shippers who handle, offer for transport, transport, or import dangerous goods must be registered in this new database as shippers of dangerous goods.  

In addition, the government of Canada is transitioning to a new online submission of comments. This will allow full transparency of comments made during the regulatory process.  

What will this mean for you? 

When these regulations are published in Canada Gazette, Part II, the registration database application will be available online on Transport Canada’s website 

When registering, the following information will be required: 

  • the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) business number; 
  • the business name; 
  • the address and contact information; 
  • the name of a point of contact; 
  • the address(es) of the Site(s) where DG activities are conducted; 
  • the type of activity taking place at the Site (import, offer for transport, handle for purposes of transport, or transport); 
  • the classes and divisions of all dangerous goods; and 
  • the mode(s) of transport (road, rail, marine or air) involved for each Site. 

Those with higher risk dangerous goods will also be required to report the following:   

  • the UN number; 
  • the Emergency Response Assistance Plan (ERAP) number of the approved ERAP; 
  • the quantity range in the previous year; and 
  • the number of consignments in the previous year. 

The following information will need to be confirmed or updated annually: 

  • administrative information; 
  • mode of transport; 
  • classes and divisions of dangerous goods; and, 
  • specific activities (importing, offering for transport, handling or transporting) that were undertaken in the previous year. 

The following information will need to be confirmed or updated annually for higher-risk dangerous goods:  

  • UN number; 
  • ERAP number; 
  • quantity range; and, 
  • annual number of consignments. 

Transitional period 

For those already involved in dangerous goods activities, there will be a one-year transition period after the registration database comes into force. Those new to the world of the dangerous good will have 90 days to complete. 


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