OSHA Workplace Safety During the Holidays

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There are numerous holidays in the months of November and December.  Just a quick look at Wikipedia confirmed at least 47 holidays for Christian, Secular, Hindi and Buddhist celebrations.  Each has its own traditions, decorations and food.  Given that large number, OSHA has some advice to keep workplaces safe during this time of year.  Don’t think this doesn’t apply to you and quit reading.  Think about the increase risks for personnel in warehouses and offices, on transportation teams, retail workers, etc.  E-Commerce is at an all time high which adds another layer to this busy season.

In the most recent Quick Takes Newsletter, there is a link to multiple resources which can be used for worker safety.  The link to reach those resources is https://www.osha.gov/holidaysafety.html.  I browsed through a few of the topics and here are just a few of the highlights.

  • Warehouse Safety Pocket Guide.  There are 10 OSHA standards that could apply to workers in a warehouse.  The standards include hazard communication, electrical safety, personal protective equipment (PPE) and forklifts.  There are also the hazards associated with loading docks, conveyors and charging stations to consider.  This guide provides a nice overview of the possible hazards and solutions for workers in the warehouse.
  • Safety Practices Once Tractor Trailer Drivers Arrive at a Destination.  While just a short 1-page resource, the information is a nice reminder not only for drivers but for companies in receipt of goods from a tractor trailer. 
  • Crowd Management Safety Guidelines for Retailers.  I’ll be honest.  This one caught me off guard a bit.  However, when I think about some of the crowds that are out on Black Friday here in the US it makes sense.  It brings things like planning, setting up the event and responding to emergencies.
  • Protecting Temporary Workers.   Around this time of year many additional part-time workers are added to businesses to handle the holiday rush.  There are certain responsibilities an Employer must follow as well as those for staffing services.  There is a reminder in this resource for workers.  Any that feel the workplace isn’t safe, can call OSHA at 1-800-321-OSHA (6742) to ask questions.  It is a confidential service.

The main takeaway from these resources, in my opinion, is all of this extra activity levels up the need for employers and workers to make a more concerted effort to stay safe.  I would encourage you to at least take a look at the resource topics listed to see if any could be applied to your location. 

Should you find yourself in need of training, signage, labels in an effort to keep your workplace safe, give ICC a call today or visit our website.  For current customers, our free, Regulatory Helpline can be reached at 855-734-5469.  If you want to subscribe to OSHA’s online newsletter, go to https://www.osha.gov/quicktakes/#subscribe.  It is a great way to stay on top of what is changing and to know what resources are available to your business.  Stay safe out there.

Paula Reavis

Paula Reavis

Degrees: BS in Science Education, BA in Chemistry, MA in School Counseling Certification: National Certified Counselor Paula Reavis comes to us with a teaching background and several years of experience in Hazard Communications. She is knowledgeable in HazCom2012, WHMIS (old/new), 49 CFR, IATA, IMDG and TDG. She started with the company in 2014, and is currently the Trainer for the US. She is active in several associations including NACD, IHMM and SCHC where she served as chair of the Membership and Awards Committee. She is based in St. Louis, Missouri.