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Category A/B Specimen Shipper (Gel or Dry Ice)

Category A/B Specimen Shipper (Gel or Dry Ice)

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Code de produit: PK-INFPE1A-STRIPS
Poids facturable: 0 lbs. (0 kg)


For volume ordering of this item please call.

AB-INFSTRIP also available sold separately.

This kit is approved to ship specimens that are suspected of being contaminated with Ebola virus.

This biological shipping kit is a combination cooler package designed to ship laboratory samples on Dry Ice* or with Gel Paks*. It is UN Certified for Category A Specimens (Class 6.2) on dry ice (Class 9) and can also be used for Category B Specimens (UN 3373) on dry ice (Class 9).

Product features included are:

  • White, double-walled, preprinted outer shipping box (15.75” x 14.5” x 12.25”). The double walled corrugated construction adds substantial strength to the package and protects the inner Styrofoam Chest from cracking during shipment. The preprinted markings on this outer box include: UN Certification Registrations, Class 6.2 Infectious Substance Label, Class 9 Dry Ice Label, To and From Address Markings, Direction Arrow Markings (2 Sides), and “RUSH!, PERISHABLE, INSULATED” Markings (2 Sides)

  • A White 1.5” wall thickness styrofoam/EPS Chest (12” x 10.625” x 8.625” inner dimensions) with interlocking lid. It will hold in excess of 26 Lbs of Dry Ice. Also included with each chest is our unique Thermalast liner bag. Thermalast metalized liner bag that extends your safe transit time by up to 25%. This feature is not generally offered with other dry ice shippers.

  • White unprinted inner box (8” x 4.25” x 4.75”) with a 95 KPA specimen bag that measures 6.875” x 11.875”. Each KPA-3 Bag is already inserted in each box. Each box features a glued extender that allows the box to lock between the base and the lid of the chest, so that the box remains stable (in place) as the dry ice dissipates.

  • Packing Instructions for preparation and use of this package.

NOTE: Appropriate Hazmat Documentation is required when using this package.

*Not available through ICC

Shipper Components

  • Preprinted Outer Shipping Box (15.75” x 14.5” x 12.25”)
  • Styrofoam/EPS Chest (12” x 10.625” x 8.625” inner dimensions)
  • Thermalast liner bag
  • White unprinted inner box (8” x 4.25” x 4.75”)
  • 95 KPA specimen bag that measures 6.875” x 11.875”


Code de produit PK-INFPE1A-STRIPS
Dimensions (15.75” x 14.5” x 12.25”) x 4
Normalisation ONU UN 4G CLASS 6.2/13/USA/M6094/12457
Quantité à la caisse 4

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