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Custom Packaging

Over 20 years of packaging design and development experience.


  • US DOT – 49 CFR
  • Transport Canada – CGSB
  • ASTM
  • ISTA


  • Ground
    • US DOT – 49 CFR
    • Canada – TDG Clear Language
  • Marine – IMDG
  • Air – ICAO/IATA
  • International – ADR/RID


Stacking Test
  • Evaluation and Consulting
  • Assessment of Design Option
  • Assistance with Package Development
  • Package Testing
    • Drop Test
    • Stacking Test
    • Cobb Test
    • Vibration Test
    • Pressure Test (if needed)
  • Test Reports
  • Design Registration (Transport Canada)
  • Artwork
  • Component Sourcing
  • Product Inspections and Quality Assurance
  • Delivery of final packaging at a competitive price
Cobb Test

Packaging Types

Test reports are available for each certified packaging design. Reports include a detailed description of the design tested, identification number, test results, and certificate of compliance. Test certificates are provided upon request.

UN symbolUN Testing
ICC The Compliance Center offers a comprehensive range of services to help you comply with UN performance packaging test requirements. Our extensive experience over the past 17 years in developing and testing packaging in the US and Canada is now available to help you achieve the optimum packaging design for your product(s).

Pressure Testing
When shipping by air, packaging for which retention of liquid is a basic function must be capable of withstanding a pressure differential of not less than 95 kPa (for liquids in Packaging Group III of Class 3 or division 6.1, not less than 75 kPa), or a pressure related to the vapor pressure of the liquid to be contained, whichever is the greater.


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