Plastic Shipping Kits

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Plastic bottle Lab kits designed, tested, and certified to meet all IATA, UPS, 49 CFR, IMO, and TDG packaging requirements.

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We’ve designed corrugated boxes and inserts to secure multiple plastic bottles without the use of absorbents to make these shipping kits even more economical. Also available for single packaging.

Our plastic shipping kits are safe and lower the chances of a spill versus glass bottles. Lightweight to save you money, these are a great way to transport dangerous liquids by air, ground, or sea. Each kit contains an outer box, a corrugated insert, plastic bottle, and cap. We also carry overpack boxes to accommodate up to four of our plastic shipping kits.

Kits include a UN specified fiberboard box and additional components where indicated.

Please note: It is the shipper’s responsibility to determine the suitability of inner and outer packagings, including any requirement for absorbent material, in accordance with modal requirement for use with contents. Please contact one of our customer service specialists if you have any questions on the compatibility of your products with our packaging. Although we cannot recommend compatibility, we would be happy to send you a sample.

Shipper must ensure that the package is prepared as it was tested and per the instruction sheet. Deviations from any part of this instruction may void the UN certification.