Ringlok and Overseals

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ICC The Compliance Center introduced Ringlok® in 1989 to help move sample shipping packages by air and our innovative idea subsequently became an industry standard.
We utilize new state-of-the-art production techniques to produce an upgraded version to exceed pressure differential testing requirements for shipping liquids by air under IATA, national, and carrier requirements.

Our Ringlok® has been third-party tested with our cans as well as Brockway, US Cans, Central Cans, and Universal Cans in excess of 100 kPa to ensure the contents of each can is guaranteed to not leak or spill.

The Ringlok is made of a slightly harder plastic for less distortion and easier automated or manual application. Tested to ISTA specifications as required by UPS, FedEx, and similar carriers, Ringlok guarantees a leakproof seal and are the only reusable can overseal.

Not only do we carry Ringloks, we also stock several other overseals for compliant shipments of hazardous materials and dangerous goods. We stock Normloks and Armloks to seal pint, quart, and gallon size cans. ICC The Compliance Center is the only company to carry all three major can overseals.