, How Many SDS’ Does Acetic Acid Need?, ICC Compliance Center Inc - USA

Customer: I need an SDS for Acetic Acid, please.
ICC: Absolutely, what concentration of acetic acid?
Customer: Can I get one to cover all concentrations, please?
ICC: Well…. Not exactly. 

Acetic acid is one of those chemicals that cannot be covered in just 1 (or 2, or 3) Safety Data Sheets but actually needs many more! Although acetic acid is found in most of our homes (hint: it’s vinegar), in its highest concentrations, it can be actually quite harmful. 

Amongst other things, SDS’ include a GHS classification of a chemical (or mixture) and information regarding the transport classification of the material. 

Taking a look at just the transport side of Acetic Acid (CAS# 64-19-7) it can have the following classifications based on the various concentrations: 

UN2789, ACETIC ACID, more than 80%, 8(3), PGII

UN2790, ACETIC ACID, not less than 50% but not more than 80%, 8, PGII

UN2790, ACETID ACID, more than 10%, but no more than 50%, 8, PGIII

And 10% and less, it is not regulated for transport! 

Add to that the need to address the changes in GHS classification (considering both physical and health hazards of the solution), and voila! Acetic Acid needs quite a few SDS’ to cover various concentration ranges. 

Thankfully not all chemicals and mixtures are this complicated, but either way, ICC can help. 

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, How Many SDS’ Does Acetic Acid Need?, ICC Compliance Center Inc - USA
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, How Many SDS’ Does Acetic Acid Need?, ICC Compliance Center Inc - USA
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Jessica Ebert

Jessica Ebert

Jessica Ebert joined ICC right after finishing university in 2010 and has been a valued member of our regulatory support team ever since. She has extensive experience with all our training programs and most recently with ICC’s ChemplianceWeb™ suite of SDS hosting and label printing software. Jessica’s focus is on SDS authoring and labeling services.