Pollution Reporting – There’s an App for that too!

Among many, two things to come out of the last decade include more concern and awareness for pollution and our environment, and apps. We’ve highlighted a few neat apps over the last year or so, and some of the latest include Pollution Reporting Apps. 

As researchers continue to discover the dangers pollution poses not only to our environment but our health, it is now possible for the public to spot and report polluted sites. An example of an app created by Pure Earth “allows for users to take and annotate pictures, describe the pollution and what impact it has on the environment and people around it.”

In Canada, an organization known as TRU (Technoscience Research Unit) launched an app that similarly offers an “easy and accessible way for the community to make reports about pollution or search for information by symptom, health harm or chemical.” This app geographically focuses on the Imperial Oil Refinery in Sarnia, which happens to be one of the oldest refineries in the world and the biggest polluter in Ontario’s Chemical Valley.

It’s now easier than ever to do our part in reporting pollution to help save the environment, our health and to hold those responsible accountable.

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Jessica Ebert

Jessica Ebert

Jessica Ebert joined ICC right after finishing university in 2010 and has been a valued member of our regulatory support team ever since. She has extensive experience with all our training programs and most recently with ICC’s ChemplianceWeb™ suite of SDS hosting and label printing software. Jessica’s focus is on SDS authoring and labeling services.

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