Electronic Devices

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Electronic device labels from ICC The Compliance Center help shippers and receivers know what shipments contain electronic devices.

Regulations require that information be provided in the form of a tag or label permanently affixed or inscribed on the electronic product so as to be legible and readily accessible to view when the product is fully assembled for use. Each label must include the full name and address of the manufacturer of the product and the place, month and year of manufacture.

Labeling of radiation-emitting products applies to all products which emit sonic, infrasonic, or ultrasonic radiation as the result of operation of an electronic circuit. These products include medical machinery, X-ray equipment, television sets, and even ionization-type smoke detectors. ICC The Compliance Center provides a wide range of electronic labels that allow you to communicate caution when handling static-sensitive packages. As of August 2005, it is MANDATORY that manufacturers mark their products with the “wheely bin” logo to encourage consumers to separate their municipal waste. We also carry caution, attention, and method of packaging labels to alert handlers to special handling instructions.

Our labels are made from durable gloss paper with a permanent adhesive and a UV protective layer ensuring that the label will last the life of your products. Labels are sold on rolls of 500.