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Our NFPA signs, labels, decals and wallet cards reinforce the Nation Fire Protection Agency system for identifying the health, flammability, reactivity and specific hazards of a chemical.
This system easily explains each hazard that may be presented by short or long term exposure to chemicals and materials. It is a readily recognized system and a useful compliance tool for NFPA 704 requirements. ICC The Compliance Center has the ability to customize NFPA signs, labels, and wallet cards to your chemical’s specifications with UV resistant inks. Choose from several sizes and preprinted or write-on labels. We print our labels and signs on gloss paper, Thermalabel™ or self-stick vinyl material. Place these labels and signs on or near containers of chemicals and materials to identify the degree of hazard associated with them. Signs are available with magnetic backing to place on metal surfaces.

Our labels, signs, and wallet cards are perfect for hazard communication whether there is a fire, chemical cabinets, or other emergency and for normal conditions. Our NFPA diamond labels and signs are designed to be used on storage tanks, process vessels and containers or packages.