4GV UN Variation Box – 21.5″ x 12″ x 12.75″


Capacity: 2×0.5 gal (total: 1 gal/3.8 ltr) or 21.78lb/9.88kg  |  Max Box Weight: 35.27lbs/16kg
Box Inner Dimensions: 21.5″x12″x12.75″/54.61×30.48×32.38cm  |  Liner Bag Included: 43″x48″/110x122cm
Transport: PG I, II, III, Liquids, Solids, Articles & Lithium Batteries  |  UN Rating: 4GV/X16.0/S
Complies with: IATA, DOT 49 CFR, IMDG, ICAO, TDG Regulations, UPS & FedEx requirements

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  • Cost-Effective and Flexible, variation packaging permits various sizes and types of approved inner containers to be used for shipping hazardous materials.
  • Suitable for Packing Group I, II, & III, Liquids, Solids, Articles & Lithium Batteries
  • Complies with: IATA (, DOT 49 CFR (178.601(g)(2)), IMDG (, ICAO (6;4.1.7), TDG (TP14850 & UN Model (
  • Meets UPS & FedEx Hazardous Materials/ Dangerous Goods packaging requirements

4GV UN Variation Box Details

  • Fibreboard Box Inner Dimensions: 21.5″x12″x12.75″ / 54.61×30.48×32.38cm
  • Leak-proof/sift-proof Liner Bag Included: 43″x48″ / 110x122cm
  • 4GV Test Configuration: 2 x 0.5 gal containers
  • Capacity: 2×0.5 gal (total liquid capacity: 1 gal/3.8 ltr) or 21.78lb/9.88kg
  • Maximum Gross Weight: 35.27lbs/16kg
  • Minimum Cushioning Distance: Box Top/Bottom: 2.5”/6.35cm | Box Sides: 2.5”/6.35cm | Between Containers: 2.5”/6.35cm
  • Components included: Outer box, Leak-proof/Sift-proof liner bag
  • Components required: Vermiculite absorbent/cushioning material, 3M #375 48mm clear tape
  • Quantity of absorbent used must be able to absorb all liquids
  • UN Rating: 4GV/X16.0/S
  • Bursting Strength: RSC 275B/C

** For air shipment of liquids, inner containers must meet pressure, secondary closure, and leak-proof liner requirements (See IATA DGR Section 5 / ICAO TI Section 4 / US 49 CFR 173.27).

Packing Instructions are required for this product. Download the required packing instruction here.
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Weight 2.3 lbs

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