Caution – Ear Protection Required in This Area, 7″ x 17″, Rigid Vinyl


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Caution – Hearing Protection Required in This Area Sign

Icon: Headset.
Color: Black on yellow and yellow on black.
Hearing protection required in this area“.
Material and other additional information:

This sign keeps workers/visitors aware that hearing protection is required in this area as a safety measure. If you can’t find the sign you’re looking for in our stock, let ICC custom design it for you. Purchase directly from the manufacturer and speak to a friendly customer service representative today!

Screen Printed Rigid Vinyl (RV):
This material is very durable and weather resistant. The long lasting properties and chemical resistance of this material make it a core candidate for signs, tags, and placards exposed to severe weather conditions and handling issues with its five to seven years of outdoor life.

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Weight 0.11 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 17 × 0.01 in


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