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OSHA HazCom Regulations

OSHA products and services from ICC.

GHS has been adopted in the USA! Take a look at all of our GHS products, services, and training.


We carry OSHA books and OSHA signs, and we provide the services you need to comply with OSHA SDS regulations, and can help you avoid costly OSHA fines with a plant audit.

OSHA Quick Cards Available on OSHA’s website.

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SDS Authoring

We offer a variety of SDS services that will meet and exceed your needs for regulatory compliance. Our regulatory department has more than 120 years of combined experience, enabling them to answer your health and safety, transportation, workplace regulations questions plus much more.

Pipe Markers

ANSI-compliant pipe markers available in multiple sizes for hazardous, low-hazard and fire-quenching materials.

Plant Audits

What would happen if a Department of Transportation (DOT), Transport Canada, or health and safety inspector arrived at your facility? While we cannot prevent an inspection, we can certainly help you pass one with flying colors.


These regulations cover lockout/tagout, confined space entry procedures, personal protective equipment, fire extinguishers, permissible exposure limits, first aid, and procedures for recording and reporting injuries and illnesses.