Vermiculite vs. SecurePacc 4GV Variation Dust-Free Packaging Kits

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A while back I wrote a blog about the benefits of variation packaging. For those interested in 4GV packaging, oftentimes you are left with few options. You are either left with using dusty vermiculite as your absorbent, or hard to put together corrugated inserts with absorbent bags that take a long time to assemble. We know how valuable your time is, so here at ICC The Compliance Center, we developed a new line of 4GV Packaging that is the easiest, dust-free (non-vermiculite), 4GV packaging to assemble on the market. 


For the most part, vermiculite seems to be the industry standard in terms of the cushioning/absorbent used in 4GV packaging. There are several benefits to using vermiculite:

  • It is a fast-acting absorbent that does a fantastic job out in the field if liquid were to leak from the inner containers.
  • It provides fairly good protection.
  • It is relatively easy to use, just adhere to the cushioning distances detailed in the closing instructions and pour into the box. 

However, because vermiculite can be dusty and messy, you may be at an increased risk of contamination of your product, especially in lab settings. In addition, breathing in dust from vermiculite over a long period of time has been known to cause respiratory issues.

Symptoms associated with inhalation exposure to airborne dust may include coughing, sneezing, and minor upper respiratory irritation. Inhalation over long periods of substantial amounts of any inert dust can overload the lung clearance mechanism, making the lungs more vulnerable to respiratory disease. 

Skin and eye contact may also cause minor physical or mechanical irritation. Because of this, there are several PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) recommendations when using vermiculite:

  1. Use Gloves: Polymeric gloves are recommended to prevent possible irritation.
  2. The evaluation of the need for respiratory protection should be made by a professional industrial hygienist.
  3. Chemical protective goggles are recommended where there is the possibility of eye contact with the product.

The overall verdict on 4GV Vermiculite Packaging:

Although vermiculite provides adequate absorption and cushioning and is very easy to use, it is messy and can generate airborne dust during use which can possibly cause contamination in a lab setting as well as irritation to eyes and respiratory tract. 

For more information on the health, safety and environmental aspects of Vermiculite, click here.

ICC’s SecurePacc 4GV Variation Dust-Free Packaging Kits

This brings us to our
Securepacc Molded Pulp Dust Free 4GV kits.

What is molded pulp you may ask? Molded pulp is a type of packaging made from a variety of fibrous materials, such as recycled paper, cardboard, or other natural fibers. It is a very strong, 100% recycled material used for a variety of different purposes where extra protection is needed.

How do we use it for 4GV packaging you ask? Take our SecurePacc 4GV Variation Dust-Free Packaging Kit – 1 x Molded Pulp Pod for example. A picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case 5 pictures.





As you can see, you simply place your inner packaging in the absorbent bag, close it up in the molded pulp shell, place it in the corrugated box, and tie the outer liner bag. That’s it! Very easy and very fast to assemble, no dust or risk of contamination, no need for PPE, and 6×1, 4×1, 2×1, and 1×1 liter sizes are now available. During the development of this packaging, I performed a lot of internal drop testing. These inserts provide so much protection that I was able to drop test the same package over and over again at a group I rating drop height with glass bottles inside of the absorbent bag/molded pulp combination, and they would not break. In fact, these inserts are so strong that I would walk around the office, place them on the floor and stand on them in front of my fellow co-workers (which I’m sure caused a few eye rolls.)

The overall verdict on
Securepacc 4GV Molded Pulp Dust Free Packaging:

This 4GV packaging line is Dust Free, perfect for lab settings. There is no risk of contamination or breathing in dust. It is very easy and fast to assemble and provides superb protection. The molded pulp inserts being 100% recyclable provides an environmentally safe solution.

We have all the products, services and training you need to ensure your staff is properly trained and informed.

SecurePacc 4GV Variation Dust-Free Packaging Kit – 1 x Molded Pulp Pod

SecurePacc 4GV Variation Dust-Free Packaging Kit – 2 x Molded Pulp Pods

SecurePacc 4GV Variation Dust-Free Packaging Kit – 4 x Molded Pulp Pods

SecurePacc 4GV Variation Dust-Free Packaging Kit – 6 x Molded Pulp Pods


Michael Zendano

Michael Zendano

Michael Zendano started with ICC Compliance Center back in 2016 with several years in the packaging field as a Quality Control Manager. In addition, he has 8 years experience in teaching. Michael works at the Niagara Falls Office as the Regulatory Packaging Expert where he manages packaging projects and procedures and is a member of the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IOPP) and The Chemical Packaging Committee (CPC) . Degrees: M.S. Science of Education.