4GV Securepacc Complete Shipping Kit – 6 x Molded Pulp Pods for Liquids, Solids & Lithium Batteries


Kit Capacity: 6 x 33.8oz/1 litre Container – Max dims: 9″ x 4″dia/23cm x 10cm dia  |  Max Kit: 33lbs/15kg
Transport: Liquids, Solids & Lithium Batteries  |  Containers: Metal Cans, Plastic or Glass Bottles
Complete 4GV shipping kit, Simple 5 step assembly per Pod  |  Dust & Vermiculite Free
Complies with: IATA, DOT 49 CFR, IMDG & TDG Regulations  |  Meets FedEx and UPS Requirements

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Product Code: PK-54SPVF
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  • Ship more volume, in a smaller box that assembles in seconds!
  • Ship 6 litres (202.8oz) or less of liquids, or ship solids, or Lithium ION Batteries
  • Use your own Glass, Plastic or Metal Container or use one of ours (see list below)
  • Each Molded Pulp Container Pod accommodates a container/product up to: 9″ x 4″dia/23cm x 10cm dia
  • Max Gross Kit Weight: 33lbs / 15kg | Packaging kit weighs 4.95lbs / 2.25kg
  • Complies with: IATA (, DOT 49 CFR (178.601(g)(2)), IMDG ( & TDG (TP14850
  • Meets FedEx and UPS Hazardous Materials Shipping Requirements
  • This is a complete kit – no additional absorbent materials required.
  • Tape Lines marked on box ensure proper taping

Benefits of our Molded Pulp Container Pods

  • Protection – Superior shock and vibration cushioning
  • Strong – Dense material construction
  • Durable – Unaffected by extremes in temperature
  • Environmentally Friendly – Manufactured with 100% recycled materials
  • DUST FREE! No messy absorbents

Ship More for Less!

  • 15% increase in weight capacity compared to our other 4 litre shipping kit
  • 10% smaller overall box size compared to our other 4 litre shipping kit

ICC Compatible Containers

Fast, Clean and Simple – Only 5 Steps to assemble in seconds!

  1. Insert Glass, Plastic, Metal Container or Battery into Absorbent Bag
  2. Place absorbent bag into Molded Pulp Container Pod
  3. Place outer polybag and each Container Pod into Box
  4. Tie knot in outer polybag
  5. Tape & seal box as per packaging instructions

Packing Instructions are required for this product. Download the required packing instruction here.
For Box Certificates, click here to download.

Additional information

Weight 4.95 lbs
Dimensions 18.13 × 11 × 10.94 in
Bursting Strength

Maximum Gross Weight

Priced Per

UN Specifications

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