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What to do when the dimensions and net weight of a lithium battery exceed that of any UN-rated fibreboard box that is available, and UN-rated wooden boxes are just too expensive? You go with a drum!

A lithium-ion battery shipment arrived into Canada without proper UN-rated packaging (it wasn’t a tested battery); therefore, it was detained by the authorities. We were asked by the recipient to fix the issues so that the shipment can be released and moved. Since the dims of the battery were about 32 x 18 x 16 inches and the battery weight was approximately 122 kg, we thought a drum would be the most cost-efficient way to ship it.  So with many conversations with the authorities, we were approved to use a UN-rated open head steel drum to package up the battery. The void space in the drum was filled with fire extinguishing packing material.

Now, this shipment arrived into Vancouver, BC, and was destined to Toronto, ON; therefore, the battery couldn’t be standing on the side while in transport. Therefore, we really made it interesting by packaging it all properly with fire extinguishing packing material surrounding the battery, then laying the drum on its side on a pallet, secured it with straps, and shipped it like that.  

All the marks and labels were applied to the drum and shipped off.  It made it safe and sound without any issues during transport. We not only will package up your shipment in compliance with the regulations, but we get creative doing it! 

For all your repackaging or packaging needs, contact ICC at 1-888-977-4834 (Canada) or 1-888-442-9628 (U.S).

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