TDG Regulations Amendment 6 FAQ

By April 29, 2018 July 5th, 2019 FAQs

Transport Canada published Amendment 6 to the TDG Regulations on February 20, 2008.

This is the largest amemdment to the Regulations since Clear Language was introduced. Below are actual questions asked by our customers regarding Amendment 6, and answered by our regulatory specialists.

Will carriers need to order new driver books for an updated Schedule 1 or are the changes minor to Schedule 1?

There have been several changes to the ERAP indexes for many entries (along with additional changes to other entries), so it is recommended that drivers have the new schedule.

Does the loss of reciprocity with 49 CFR only apply to TIH UN numbers?

Yes, reciprocity still applies in most circumstances.

Where would I get a current Schedule 1 listing that includes all changes covered by Amendment 6?

We are currently revising our TDG manuals to include all of the Amendment 6 changes. They will be available in April 2008.

If a contractor is carrying 3, 30 L containers of support fuel, gasoline or diesel, does he not have to have training or TDG Licence?

If using the exemption in part 1.15, training is not required. If using the exemption in part 1.16, training is required.

Are these new safety marks acknowledged by the US DOT regulations?

US 49 CFR 171.23 (b)(10)(iv) allows shipments from Canada into the US to display the new anhydrous ammonia placard.

Are we able to get Transcript of this [Amendment 6 Webinar]?

All registered participants to the webinar will be provided with PowerPoint slides as well as a detailed summary of Amendment 6 in PDF format, following the presentation.

What are the products in Class 3 that require ERAP?

Gasoline, diesel fuel or aviation fuel, where these flammable liquids are in 34 or more railcars that are interconnected and can be loaded/unloaded from one tank car and are on average 70% full.

Can you clarify the changes to section 1.16 (500 kg exemption) in regards to training? Has this actually changed?

Yes, the training requirement has changed. Part 6 Training is not one of the sections that is excepted for this exemption. Prior to this, only the person transporting was required to be trained – this has been repealed. This means that anyone who handles, offers for transport or transports under this exemption must be trained.