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In the context of dangerous goods shipments, a telephone number always references the 24-hour number or emergency number. So, it’s normal to assume the telephone number that must be shown on the lithium battery mark be that. Well, that’s not the case.  

As we know, on a lithium battery mark, you must display the UN# of the type of lithium battery shipment and a telephone number.  

As per IATA Section (c), TDG Part 4 Appendix, IMDG Section and 49 CFR Part 173.185(c)(3)(i)[C] the telephone that is to replace ** is a telephone number for additional information. It is not the 24 hour or emergency telephone number. Emergency response organizations such as Canutec have made it clear that they do not want their number added to this mark as the purpose for this telephone number is not emergency based. The telephone number for this mark can be an office telephone number. 

It is also acceptable to add more than one telephone number on this mark—for example, one telephone number for domestic transport and one for international.  

Are you looking to order this mark and get it preprinted with the UN# and telephone number? Contact ICC Compliance Center here at 888-977-4834 (Canada) or 888-442-9628 (U.S.) for a quote today.  

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